Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crock Pot Taco Soup

I found this recipe on a great blog. if you like to cook with your crock pot, this is the site for you! To get the recipe for TACO SOUP click HERE! I made this for myself and my parents neighbors who are sweet people that are in need of a little TLC. It was soooooooo easy! I had a little beef leftover from the night before when I made pot roast and so I shredded it and put it in here. I did mine for 5 hours on HIGH.

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  1. Oh My gosh i am so sorry I missed this! You will have to make it again! Great photos Kelly! Momma is SO proud... And thanks for looking after my neighbors while I am gone... you didn't have to do that...

    Love Momma ~Rainey~